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Yoga practice, when there is the intention to go deeper into our heart, will awaken the trust that the wisdom and compassion we need is already there, within us.
Yoga is a process to becoming more aware of our inner Self, to bring our being into a state of oneness and wholeness, bringing body, mind and spirit in the same time and place. It hightens our awareness, awakening our inner potential.

The practices of yoga allow us to come to this place of wholeness, our true self. If repeated constantly and correctly, approached with respect, trust and an open mind and heart, slowly but surely you will reap the fruits of this transformative practice.
Let go of attachment to the postures. Postures are only tools that enable you to reach deeper into yourself. It's what goes on inside, what you can't see that counts.
Yoga is ultimately the training of the mind, and it's not enough to purify the body, we need to also purify the mind to be able to purify the heart and allow love to flow. Yoga is not about how you look but how you feel.
If you want to start unfolding your inner potential, and go deeper inside yourself, be open to the challenges of Yoga.

In this time and society practices of Yoga are most needed, as we live in a culture dominated by fear, and we need to allow ourselves some space, to center and focus, to bring our energies back, to keep things under perspective.
Shakti Power Yoga is a challenging style of Vinyasa Flow, dictated by powerful ujjayi breathing that creates flowing interconnected movement, in a style that is designed to challenge the resistance of the mind and to push beyond fear. The mentally and physically challenging sequence of flowing postures, combines a cleansing vinyasa flow practice with bandhas, mudras and breathwork

Teachers training: Whether you are planning a career change or simply wanting to deepen your yoga practice the Shakti Power Yoga Teacher Training is by far the best way to take your yoga practice to the next level, and give yourself a gift that will transform your life.The Shakti Power Yoga Teachers Training is the only yoga alliance 200 hours internationally recognised yoga teacher's training you can do in London over 9 weekends.

On this website you'll find information about myself, the classes I teach, Shakti Power Yoga Teachers Training, worksops, aerial fitness and performances.

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"Yoga is attained when one ceases to identify with the movement of the mind,
and identifies with the Self beyond the body and mind"

- Yoga Sutra 1.2 -